To make use of the last few ripe tomatoes I grew (until the next batch ripen), I made a fresh chunky salsa.

Organic tomato and cilantro salsa

I chopped up my red juicy red tomatoes along with some orange heirlooms I purchased, and added in a bunch of cilantro and chopped green onion. I was going to forgo the onion but decided to go against my usual preference so that the salsa would taste authentic. I didn’t use too much, just taking some little baby steps. Into this medley went the juice of two fresh squeezed limes, one finely chopped jalapeno pepper, black pepper, dried garlic flakes and nutritional yeast. I added the yeast because the lime along with the juice from the tomatoes made it all a bit more watery than I’d hoped, so the yeast made it just a bit thicker, plus I’m addicted to the flavor.

This was poured over a piping hot bowl of steamed red potatoes and carrots. For my first time ever making anything even resembling salsa, this came out great! So fresh and quick and easy, I’m sure I’ll be coming back to make something like this often.

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