Here are two very different pasta dishes I recently cooked up.

'Basil and sundried tomato pesto

This first one began as a saute of fresh organic zucchini, fennel and garlic. The pesto was made with a whole bunch of basil leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, cashews, lemon juice, olive oil and dehydrated garlic bits (I like their garlicky crunch). The whole shebang was mixed with brown rice pasta.

'Asparagus and fennel pasta dish

This next pasta plate involved spelt pasta noodles and a saute of asparagus, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fennel (can you sense a theme?), grilled seitan and a lovely organic heirloom tomato. Seasoned to taste with lemon juice, rice vinegar, black pepper and oregano.

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4 Responses to “Quick and yummy veggie pasta at home”
  1. VeggieGirl says:

    pasta with an abundance of vegetables is one of my all-time favorite dishes – yours look fabulous!!

  2. FoodEater says:

    Thank you VeggieGirl. The pesto went particularly well with the zucchini, and these days I find I’m putting fennel in just about everything :)

  3. Vegan_Noodle says:

    Those are some yummy looking pasta dishes! I have always been curious about spelt pasta, may have to give it a shot!

  4. FoodEater says:

    Vegan Noodle: Yeah, the spelt noodles are great. I’ve been into checking out all the alternative types of pastas out there and so far I like them all. My favorites so far are the black soy bean and the quinoa varieties.