'Vegetarian Banh mi Vietnamese Hoagie

This is the vegan Bánh mì (veggie-sandwich) at Vinh Loi Tofu. The traditional Vietnamese version is usually made with chicken, egg or pork but the yummy rendition at Vinh Loi uses all vegan fake meat (I think this is their mock-ham) and the classic vegetable stuffings of carrot, daikon and lots of cilantro.

'Vegetarian Banh mi Vietnamese Hoagie

You might be able to spy the green chilis poking out near the edges there… those little buggers were so damn spicy, WOW! Too spicy hot for my delicate palate I tell ya (and I’m not very delicate at all). I had to pick them out after the first unwitting bite because it was just too much… my lips and tongue were burning long after I’d finished eating. Order it without the chili unless you are a hardcore heat lover (they will ask you when you order if you want ‘em or not). Don’t let my warnings scare you off from trying this though… it’s delicious.

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3 Responses to “Vegetarian Bánh mì (Vietnamese Hoagie)”
  1. Lara says:

    Yummy! I spent a month in Vietnam at the beginning of the year, and became addicted to these. Luckily my local shopping district (Sydney, Australia) has a bakery that does them.

  2. FoodEater says:

    Lara: Yes, I can easily see myself developing an addiction to these as well!

  3. quarrygirl says:

    wow, i gotta try this place out! i know you have written about them before, but nothing struck my interest as much as this sandwich. and i will def get it with the chillis.