(Update: Both these specials are now over. Aren’t you sorry you missed ‘em?)

There are currently two great vegan meals on the “Specials” menu at Hugo’s Restaurant. I don’t want to wait any longer to share them with you because soon enough they’ll be gone. If you want to try these, and yes… you do want to try these… you’ll need to head on over to Hugo’s quick like a bunny.

'Red Lentil Veggie Patties at Hugo's Restaurant

This first interesting dish is the Red Lentil Veggie Patties: “an outstanding combination of organic red lentils, sweet potatoes, diced fresh summer vegetables, herbs and Indian spices. Served with mango chutney relish, black forbidden rice and sauteed leafy greens”. Outstanding was their adjective straight from the menu, but I heartily agree, these lentil patties were delicious. The Indian flavors were full and fragrant yet didn’t overpower the great flavors of the vegetables and lentils. The crispy outside and soft inside were just lovely, and the mango chutney kicked ass. It tasted slightly pickled, so it was both sweet and zingy at the same time.

The black forbidden rice was good, though I’m more inclined to the black sticky rice at Lotus Vegan, for which I as of yet have found no equal. The leafy greens were very tasty too, lots of garlic going on in there, just the way I like it. Overall an excellent meal.

'Very Green Enchiladas at Hugo's Restaurant

On a subsequent visit I was far too intrigued to pass on the Very Green Enchiladas: “green corn tortillas filled with wilted leafy greens and garlic. Covered with a roasted poblano chili sauce and toasted pumpkin seeds. Served with green spanish rice and green zucchini”. It would also usually come with Cotija cheese, which they state right on the menu they’ll do without to make it vegan.

These enchiladas were outstanding! I was concerned that 1.) this would be kind of boring without cheese, and 2.) that the garlic would be too overwhelming. These concerns quickly melted away as I eagerly shoveled in my first bite. So good! The poblano chili sauce was amazing, full bodied and not too spicy. The enchiladas themselves were excellent, the greens and garlic perfectly seasoned and surprisingly filling. Both the zucchini and the spanish rice made for great accompanists in this very green orchestra. If you only try one new dish in the next few days or weeks, consider making it this one.

Now, a minor word of warning. Two words really: green poo.

You read me right. Now I know this is food blog so the last thing you want to read about are bodily functions. The thing is, how are you to trust that I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless I told you the entire story, from start to finish so to speak? In the spirit of full disclosure, I’d like to save you an awkward moment of surprise after you eat this meal: my morning constitutional one day after eating the Very Green Enchilada plate was Very Green Poo… bright green poo the likes of which I’ve never seen before, neither from a baby nor an elephant. A quick run down over the past 24 hours worth of food immediately led me right to the culprit: it was the green enchiladas, in the kitchen, with a fork. All I’m saying is, forewarned is forearmed. Don’t fear the green!

(Both of these are on the current specials at both Hugo’s locations, though all the stuff featured on this blog (so far) refers to the Hugo’s in Studio City -call if you’re going specifically for either of these items, because I don’t know how often the menu changes.)

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10 Responses to “Strike While the Lentils are Hot.”
  1. quarrygirl says:

    wow, that sounds tasty! i have never made it to hugo’s although BOTH locations are super close. i NEED to go, i know, i know. but the weho location is always crowded (that’s closer to my work than the valley one), and on the weekends i always make up an excuse to forego breakfast at a new place and retreat to my standard pure luck/flore/follow your heart. will def try soon. thanks for the updates and delicious pix.

  2. H.C. says:

    Thanks for the #2 warning, I guess one can have too much chlorophyll! That aside, I too can vouch for Hugo’s healthy tastiness :)

  3. FoodEater says:

    quarrygirl: yep, take the plunge… breakfast at Hugo’s is especially nice. The Studio City one gets very busy too but tends to clear out in the late afternoons when you can usually walk in without a wait. And breakfast is served until 4pm… so enough with your excuses!

  4. FoodEater says:

    H.C.: I’m thinking it was the green poblano chili sauce that lent the adventure it’s particularly notable and verdant hue. It’s a good thing they don’t server this dish along with red beets… it would be a real horrorshow the morning after!

    I can’t believe I’m making poop jokes on my own website.

  5. Jennifer says:

    You’ve done a great public service by warning your readers of the green poo! How funny!

  6. Hats off to you, seriously, for addressing such a ridiculously taboo’d aspect of food.

    I can probably start a whole other blog on my bowel adventures! :)

  7. OMG…I just tried the enchiladas a couple of weeks ago.
    They were delicious.
    They actually said that I was the first one to order the dish.
    I had them for breakfast.

  8. FoodEater says:

    Thanks for the comments folks, glad you enjoyed the tasty food pis and the poop scoop!

    Vegan Tickles: I am glad to hear you’ve tried these awesome enchiladas… and that you’ve blazed the trail by trying them first :) But inquiring minds want to know… did you have any intensely green follow up adventures upon digesting your green goodies?

  9. Hillary says:

    The red lentil patties look outstanding! I was hoping for a recipe so I could attempt to make these because I don’t live near Hugo’s :(

  10. FoodEater says:

    Hillary: Sorry that I can’t offer you the recipe, only the tantalizing photos!