I keep talking up the vegan Reuben sandwich at Follow Your Heart to any & all who will listen, but up until now I’ve only had a poorly lit picture to show for it. I am now finally able to present to you indisputable evidence, proving once and for all that Follow Your Heart serves The Worlds Best Vegan Reuben Sandwich. Don’t believe me?

World Best Vegan Reuben Sandwich

(each half is larger than my hand with all fingers outstretched)

Thinly sliced wheatmeat, sauerkraut, mustard and Vegenaise, Thousand Island dressing on oversized rye bread. Offered with Follow Your Heart cheese or “cottage-style tofu”. All vegan, giant, and about as close to bliss in deli style vegan sandwich form as you’ll ever get. What more do you need to know?

Follow Your Heart Vegan Reuben Sandwich

Actually, there is more you need to know. Get it with the cottage tofu. This step is absolutely crucial to achieving maximum religious intensity with this experience. The regular Follow Your Heart vegan cheese version is ok and all but it’s the tofu stuff that MAKES this thing. I don’t care how much you already think you love this mighty Reuben (or any other Reuben for that matter): you haven’t really had it until you’ve had it with the tofu cottage cheese. It’s chunky and crumbly and creamy and hopped up on some kind of herbs. It doesn’t taste anything like cottage cheese or tofu, it just taste like all sorts of awesome all up in your mouth. The tofu is necessary in order to transform it from just good into something supernatural. Something not of this world and ahead of it’s time.

The time is now. The place is Canoga Park, California.
818 represent: No wimpy Reubens allowed.


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27 Responses to “The World’s Best Vegan Reuben Sandwich.”
  1. Christina says:

    yes… yes it is <333!!!!

  2. Melisser says:

    Ryan would likely kill a man for this.

  3. FoodEater says:

    Melisser: Thankfully that won’t have to happen.

  4. Vegyogini says:

    I’d venture to say it’s not just “The World’s Best Vegan Reuben Sandwich,” but “The World’s Best Sandwich” period. I’ve never had it with the cottage style cheese (always the regular FYH vegan cheese) and I can honestly say that I would have a hard time ordering it any other way than my usual. MAYBE I will try the cottage style cheese one day. MAYBE. It’s always a struggle for me to order anything other than this sandwich at FYH. There has to be something insanely intriguing for me to stray from my usual there…and you know how much I love FYH. Thanks for giving our fair Reuben another well-deserved shout out.

  5. Sunny says:

    Dude, I have ALWAYS thought FYH has the best reuben! I always order it with the vegan cheese AND the cottage style tofu! YUMMERS!!!


  6. FoodEater says:

    Sunny: Both?!? Dude, you really know how to party!

  7. jodye says:

    Wow, that is one HUGE sandwich. It looks so good, I’m jealous!

  8. Kevin says:

    Actually, the WORLD’S best vegan reuben is the one at Chicago Diner in Chicago.

    FYH’s reuben is the second best. Third best is Laughing Seed in Asheville, NC. That list has been scientifically proven through many hours of critical research…

  9. Meredith says:

    Really? Because I am completely obsessed with the Reuben at Real Food Daily. Every time I go there I have trouble ordering anything other than the nachos, the Reuben and a caesar side salad. I even got a sandwich platter from RFD for a party once, and everyone, even the omnivores, were blown away with the Reuben (even after sitting out for an hour, getting half cold).

    I live in WeHo, so I’ve never been to Follow Your Heart, because it seems such a trek for vegan food, when there is so much near me. But I know I need to go, and if you promise this is good, I’ll try it. It’s certainly much bigger than RFD’s sandwich.

  10. Allison says:

    The last (and only) time I was at FYH I ordered that sandwich and a chocolate shake and basically levitated. The joy could not be contained. That sandwich is so ridiculously good!!!

  11. My husband works right by FOLLOW YOUR HEART and when he first discovered their RUBERN sandwich, he wanted it morning noon and night. Hate to say it, but he got tired of it. I guess that can happen when you eat it once a week.
    By the way, check out my latest post, the toys are back!!!!

  12. tiny says:

    oh but you must try the FYH grilled *chicken* sandwich” stuffed with the carrot chips that come on the side. perfect .

  13. Trina says:

    Of course, now I want a reuben for dinner.

  14. FoodEater says:

    Kevin: Until I see the evidence I’m sticking to my claim!

    Meredith: I promise, it IS that good and well worth the drive! You should check it out at least once, their market and cafe was one of the first to offer vegetarian food in all of L.A… get a little slice of history with your Reuben. Canoga Park really isn’t as far as everyone seems to think it is :)

    As for the Reuben at Real Food Daily, it’s just ok. It doesn’t even pretend to be anything like a real Reuben. Look at photos above then look at the RFD Reuben… there’s just no comparison:

    vegan Tickles: I used to eat it a lot more regularly when I lived closer… and I never got tired of it!

    tiny: The grilled mock-chicken sandwich is indeed very tasty. Their tandoori chicken and curry is my other favorite.

  15. Oh, this is a very good announcement indeed! You know the vegan Reuben is my very favorite sandwich in the whole entire world. Have you had the Chicago Diner one? Nothing tops that for me yet, but I am most definitely wondering how the FYH one compares… It sounds excellent!

  16. Lex says:

    Talk about a subject every vegan can’t resist chiming in on, lol! Chicago Diner’s is a thing of pure imagination and brilliance. FYH’s definitely hits the spot and is HUGE. I have to add another one in The Darth Vegan at Georgetown Liquor Company in Seattle. its so good its evil!

  17. quarrygirl says:

    I NEED TO TRY THIS THING!!! that’s all i ever hear anyone talk about when it comes to ruebens. how have i been to follow your hear like a million times and never ordered it!??!! this needs to be fixed!

    BTW that second picture of the sandwich is absolutely stunning. you need to be a food photographer, professionally.

  18. FoodEater says:

    Ok, ok… all this outcry over the vegan Reuben at Chicago Diner from vegans with good taste who I know wouldn’t steer me wrong! Looks like someone’s going to have to sponsor me for a visit to Chicago to investigate these claims.

  19. Afsoon says:

    What’s today? Damn…April 4th, two days behind.

    YAY! I get to see the sandy-widge you were telling me about. That looks so freakn good. I should be there everyday. I don’t understand why I’m not. I’ve lived in Canoga Park for 19 years of my life and I go there only once in a while. Strange. Well, that’s going on my to-do-list: Go to FYH more often and order Reuben Sandwich. I’m stoked to try it out!!! Thanks for the post, yo!

  20. chow vegan says:

    Wow! I’m speechless. I can only say WOW!

  21. kayla says:

    I think the reuben at Flore in Silverlake is sooo much better than follow your hearts. I would tell anyone seeking a kick-ass vegan reuben to try Flore. I’ve had many of my non veg friends say its the best reuben they’ve ever had….
    just my opinion.
    love your blog.

  22. FoodEater says:

    Kayla: No way! I think the reuben at Flore is just ok. Seriously, look at the photos… you can’t even compare the two!

    Click here to see the wimpy reuben at Flore…

    Ok, ok… just my opinion of course :)

  23. birdgherl says:

    I was in LA in Feb and had a reuben at Flore in Silverlake that was outstanding!! Will have to check this out on my next visit.

  24. pastramirye says:

    A vegan Reuben.
    Now that’s fascinating and really quite impressive.
    Taking notes here.
    Those pics are appreciated.
    Only wish I could try it out.