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I didn’t want to leave you all weekend looking at something ugly like that last Anthony Bourdain post, so I will leave you with something much prettier, and I’ll bet, much tastier too.

Garbanzo bean salad sandwich at Pure Luck

This is the garbanzo bean (chickpea) salad sandwich at Pure Luck, which I think might have a fancier official name to it but I don’t have the menu in front of me. In all of it’s straightforward simplicity, I’d have to say it was an outstanding sandwich. It’s like a really good chicken or tuna salad sandwich, minus the animal bits and mayo (they use Vegenaise). The texture of the beans is thick and chunky, with some celery in there too I believe… it really does have a nice meaty bite to it that is neither pasty or mushy. They’ve come up with the perfect combo of seasonings to where it’s just right, truly a delicious sandwich that leaves you licking your fingers after each bite. I always love their bread here too and this lightly toasted and tasty bun was no exception. Don’t get me started on tasty buns.

This sandwich is usually served with fries or their yummy vegan Cesar salad but they were happy to oblige my request for the Potato Pals instead (fried gnocchi). The garbanzo salad can also be ordered as part of a larger salad, a full meal in it’s own right. This sandwich is a newer addition to the Pure Luck menu, and like everything else I’ve had there, it surely did not disappoint.

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Today I got to enjoy a fun mini-meet-up with two other Los Angeles area vegan food bloggers Vegyogini and Your Vegan Mom (with Her Vegan Son). We chose Pure Luck for our lunch, whose close proximity to Scoops across the street made it a no-brainer.

'Vegan cold noodle salad with spinach and tofu

I had the cold noodle salad, a delightful rice noodle dish with fresh spinach, basil, sprouts, grilled tofu and peanuts. It was similar to pad thai but without the usual tamarind flavor. It had it’s own unique and delicious dressing, and unfortunately I’m not remembering what was in it right now (I’ll get back to you on that). It also came with these yummy, chewy, doughy things that you can see over on the right side of the plate, they tasted like eggroll skins. I mixed everything up with the chili sauce and fresh squeezed lime and it was awesome. It’s nice that there’s a diet friendly option on their menu (which you’ll see quickly becomes irrelevant when followed by the next two paragraphs).

'Vegan ice cream at Scoops

Over yonder at Scoops, I tried Strawberry & Jasmine and the Spiced Pumpkin. The strawberry was excellent, not too sweet or tart with a nice flowery hint of jasmine. The texture was like buttery smooth ice cream, just right. The pumpkin was pretty good too, but I can’t say that I loved it. The spice was a bit much and the texture was kinda grainy. The strawberry would have passed as real dairy ice cream with no problem, the pumpkin not so much.


And to top all that off, our fabulous Vegan Mom brought us some delicious homemade almond-apricot-chocolate cakey thingies. These wonderful little treats were so good! The cake part tasted like amazingly soft marzipan… then top that off in your mind with sweet apricot filling, more almondy goodness… then chocolate and nuts. Wow. It’s a good thing I only had two because I probably could have eaten 20.

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Los Angeles county may be burning down around me, but that doesn’t put a damper on my good mood. Why? Well, because Pure Luck is now open during the day and serving lunch. That’s why.

'BBQ jackfruit sandwich

Pictured is “Todd’s BBQ Sandwich: BBQ jackfruit “pulled pork” with pickles and vegan mayo on a french roll”. I loved it, truly a finger lickin’ good sorta thing. The bread was perfectly crispy yet chewy, the jackfruit deliciously meaty yet light and the BBQ saucy perfectly sweet and tangy. This sandwich for sure gets two thumbs up. It comes with french fries or salad, and my salad was great. You might recall my last report on Pure Luck was mostly positive expect for the not so good salad. I was quite pleased to find they worked out their salad issues since my last visit, and this one was generous, fresh and tasty. The vegan Cesar salad dressing is really good.

'BBQ jackfruit sandwich

You really must try this unique creation. You won’t believe how well jackfruit can pretend to be pork.

'Palatanos Tacos

These are the equally fantastic “Palatanos Tacos: fried plantains and onions in a corn tortilla topped with sweet cream”. Got mine without onions and they were just divine. Yes, divine. Really. I don’t know what the sweet cream is made of but I can tell you that it’s sweet, and that it’s cream and that it’s so yummy you’ll wish you had an extra bowl of it so that you could eat it with a spoon. The whole shebang is a little bit greasy, but after all, this stuff is essentially gussied-up bar food so you get what you came for. And now you can get what you came for at lunch time too!

Pure Luck in Los Angeles
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Pure Luck is yet another new addition to the growing roster of Los Angeles vegan restaurants. The vegans are taking over this city I tell you. It’s totally vegan town on N. Heliotrope Dr. where Pure Luck is located considering that it’s across the street from Scoops, a dairy and non-dairy ice cream joint with an array of flavors that are out of this world. More on that later, for now I’m here to tell you about Pure Luck.

'Tamarindi cocktail with soju

Pure Luck is not only a restaurant, it’s also a pub with local microbrewed beers on tap. They’ve also got a trio of delectable cocktails made with Ku Soju, a vodka-like alcohol made from sweet potatoes. I had the Tamarindi, made with tamarind, soju and lime. It was deliciously sweet, cold and refreshing. The alcohol flavor was very mild- though deceptive, by the time I got to the bottom I realized it was quite a stiff drink. Nice! Next time I must try the Tunisian, described as “spicy and exotic, made with soju, pomegranate juice, cardamom and tea”.

'Fried Gnocchi

First the appetizers. These are what are known as Potato Pals, “Small potato dumplings (gnocchi) lightly fried, with a “creamy, tangy” dipping sauce”. Yes you read that right, fried gnocchi. They were every bit as tasty as they sound, mushy and chewy with a very cheese like consistency. I don’t know what the sauce was all about but it was very good too… my guess would be a ketchup base, maybe mixed with Vegenaise.

'BBQ Pickle Fries

My friend ordered the BBQ Pickle Fries, which you can probably guess are fried dill pickles and french fries with BBQ sauce. They were ok but a bit on the soggy side, both the pickles and the fries. The BBQ sauce was great.

'Sweet Potato fries

When asked about the Sweet Potato fries, the waitress said they were nearly out and didn’t have enough to make a full order, so she gave us what they had left for free. These were good, but also a little soggy. They need to perfect their frying a bit so their chips have more of a crunch. Still they were pretty good.

'Jackfruit vegan carnitas burrito

For my main course I had the jackfruit “Carnitas” burrito. The way they cook the jackfruit really does give it a meaty, carnitas-like texture which apparently takes on the flavor of what it’s cooked with, like tofu. The burrito also had beans, rice, avocado and tomatillo salsa. It was delicious and huge and I was really impressed by the whole jackfruit situation. Who knew?

The burrito came served with a vegan Caesar salad. As you can see, they need to work on presentation a bit. It’s kinda sad looking. And small. And of course I was initially appalled by all the onion action going on, but luckily they were large pieces that I could easily get rid of. Once the onion situation was under control I ventured for a bite of the few pieces of lettuce and croutons and found that the Caesar dressing was pretty good. Overall though the salad was not all that thirlling. Thankfully the burrito more than made up for it.

'Jackfruit vegan carnitas burrito

Here’s a bad closeup of the burrito’s insides. Unfortunately you can’t really see the jackfruit (or much of anything really) in this picture (I realize this whole set of pictures suck), hopefully I’ll get a better one next time. There will be a next time for sure, there are many other very tempting options on the menu I must try, the Plantain Tacos with sweet cream being just one example.

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