Top 5 Restaurants in LA

When visiting the city of Angels, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the hundreds of dining options that the city has to offer. This city truly has something for everyone in terms of food and beverage consumption. No matter if you’re Keto, vegan, gluten-free, grain free, dairy free or a full on carnivore, you are bound to find somewhere to grab a bite that is going to satisfy your taste buds.

The problem is finding the place and knowing what the reviews are. Well here is a guide to the top 5 restaurants that have a little bit of everything.

1.Crossroads Kitchen

Reining in at number one is this quaint and romantic vegetarian restaurant. Although this place is more geared toward the veg heads than the meat eater, the menu is of the utmost variety. This upscale is mostly American food with a touch of Mediterranean. They are well known for their brunch and breakfast menus that include a very vegan “chicken and waffles.”

The dining is nice and service is high end. If you are looking to book a work meeting or just have a more intimate dinner date then private seating is available.

2. Faith and Flower

This is a great eatery if you are looking to get a trendy photo of your cute dish to post on your Instagram. This cute restaurant tends to bring in a younger crowd and a lot of denim jackets and Iphones as well.

This place is equipped with upscale American food and a very, very full bar.

Drinks and cocktails are served during brunch, lunch, and dinner. The bartenders are all professional bartenders and jive customers with cool tricks such as smoking the absinthe. Just make sure that you know the expense if you are taking someone on a first date here!

3. Sun Cafe Organic

Another vegan-friendly option but this place has something for everyone. Located on the outskirts of the city this one is a perfect lunch spot for a break during work or a place to grab a delicious snack in between touring the city.

The outdoor, light atmosphere is ideal for summer hangouts and the food only completes the fun atmosphere.

Customers claim that the vegan mac and cheese off of this American menu is the best they have had in LA. Even beats the real cheese plates!

4. B.S. Taqueria

This one goes out to the Mexican food lovers who happen to be in the city. Although this setting may be a little more swanky than your average taco truck, the food will not disappoint you.

This means burritos, bowls and of course, tacos that would make Alex Bourdin cry tears of happiness.

5. Lulu’s Eatery

Yelp speaks for itself on this one. This vegan Mexican and American eatery will have you in a whirlwind of taste bud heaven.

Facebook users swear by buffalo cauliflower bites!

Want to learn more about the best restaurants in LA? Then check out the video below!